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Thread: Clarkson 2017-2018 Women's Hockey

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    Tech beats Union 7-3

    Big third period gets Tech with a 7-3 win over Union.

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    Clarkson 7 Union 3


    Despite the score not one of the Knights best games.

    Goals by Pidgeon (2), McGill (2), Giguere, Gabel and Harmon
    Finally goals by someone in addition to the first line.
    The 2nd and 3rd lines
    Tiley gets win #98
    Outshot Union 42-22
    2-5 on the PP
    2 for 2 on the PK

    Give up a goal in the first 22 sec of the game. A real snipe by Russ, Unions best forward by far from the slot over Tileys right shoulder, a give away by the d and no back check by the forwards.
    Poor play by defense on Unions 3rd goal.
    Way too many passes off the mark and bouncing off sticks.
    Tiley with an awful soft goal on Unions 2nd goal on a soft wrist shot from the blue line that trickled thru the 5 hole.

    So a win is a win but my guess is the coaching staff is less than thrilled by the play of this weekend in certain aspects.

    Fan of the 2014 & 2017 NC$$ Women's Div I Hockey National Champions
    If Union can do it, why can't CCT

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    After not being able to watch December's game at Union because of the price to watch the game, Saturday's game was the first time I was able to watch Union this year. For the first time since I started paying attention, the Dutchwomen actually looked like a real hockey team. In the past, the Dutchwomen would have parked everybody in their defensive zone and wound up losing 4–0 or 5–0. This year, they actually came out and played. True, it resulted in them surrendering seven goals but they also got three, which would not have happened in previous years regardless of their strategy, of their own and it was only 4–3 with just under five minutes left. I certainly hope this team makes its first ECAC tournament this year. They deserve it.

    Onto the team we actually care about. Clarkson continued its tradition of showing far more offensive ability on Saturday than on Friday, but the defense decided to take the game off at times. Tiley had a rare off game this year, although she still picked up win #98. If the Golden Knights can take care of Harvard on Friday, she should be well positioned to become the fifth member of the 100-win club in Hanover on Saturday. On offense, the Golden Knights didn't lean on their top line (which only accounted for two goals). McGill potted two, surpassing her goal total from last year, as did Pidgeon. All told, this was not the greatest weekend for the women's team, but the end result is the same as if they had won each by 10. Next weekend, as already alluded to, Clarkson faces Harvard and Dartmouth, two teams nobody on the current roster has ever lost to. Harvard is stuck near .500 on a three-game losing streak, and may be at .500 on a four-game losing streak by the time Clarkson plays them, as the Crimson face Boston College tomorrow. Dartmouth is stuck in its ongoing malaise this year, currently sitting at 11th in the ECAC, a significant fall from grace for a team that was once a regular in the NCAA tournament (and, in fact, has the third most appearances in the ECAC). Until Friday…Let's Go Tech!

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    Boston College's stumble against Northeastern on Friday followed by its OT win on Saturday have resulted in Clarkson moving into a tie for #2 in the USCHO poll with the Eagles. Interestingly, Northeastern is only two games over .500, but eight(!) of their 24 games so far have come against the current top 4.
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    I think Union, along with the rest of the ECAC has increased in potential to the point where it's no longer a league with half of the teams being doormats. There has been a long tradition of good ECAC teams but I don't think the lower half teams were able to get those marginal recruits until someone won a national championship in 2014.

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    Was just reading the preview for this weekend's games on Clarkson Athletics, and I noticed that Clarkson's game at Harvard will be on NESNPlus. I am not sure, but this might be the women's team's first ever regular season game to be televised on a non-public channel (i.e. WCKN or the Wisconsin Channel back in 2015). It's at least the first since I started paying attention.

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