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Given that it's Super Bowl Sunday (yeah yeah, NFL, sue me :P ), I figured it'd be a good time to update the vBulletin software to the next major version, which I haven't done in nearly nine years (!) I was using a third-party plugin to handle spam protection before, but the latest version of vBulletin has its own equivalent protection that I hope will end the random moderation problems that folks have been pinging me about.

Give me a yell via email or PM if something's broken or out of place. I know the software upgrade broke the chat room (and the link) but I'm hoping to fix both fairly soon, but no later than the next Clarkson game.

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  • James de Haas

    Ended up signing an AHL contract with the Flyers, he is currently at the Philly rookie camp and will most likely report to Leigh Valley, had an assist in the Flyers rookie camp game tonight.